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Investors who have a good understanding of the economic factors of the underlying commodities can employ CFD instruments to capitalize on that knowledge and to complement a diversified trading portfolio.

Why Trade Commodities
  • Add Value

    Commodities tend to bear a low to negative correlation also considered an Inflation Hedge

  • Diversification

    By adding these to your portfolios, you can seek multiple degrees of downside protection and upside potential.

  • Independent Strategies

    Number of ways to invest in , such as futures contracts, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

  • 1:300 Leverage for Major Pairs

    Wise use of leverage in forex trading helps you start with little capital and amplify your results.


The foreign exchange market is considered most opaque than other financial markets, traded in OTC markets with large liquidity pools from institutional firms . Traded in spot, forwards & futures markets.

Why Trade Forex
  • Most liquid market in the world

    Forex markets are the largest in terms of daily trading volume in the world and hence offer the most liquidity.

  • 24 Hours, 5 Days a Week

    Starting in Australia and ending in New York, the broad time horizon and coverage offer traders several opportunities.

  • Hi-tech marketplace

    being completely decentralized and not under any single supervisory authority, also gives impetus to constantly improvise the trading platforms.

  • 1:300 Leverage For Major Currency Pairs

    Wise use of leverage in forex trading helps you start with little capital and amplify your results.


As an indicator or benchmark of the top performing companies in a particular region or industry, an index will be affected by each business’s success and that of the representative group.

Why Trade Indices
  • Buy More, Research Less

    Indices offer trading opportunities with only a general, balanced view of the economy as a whole.

  • Least manipulable financial instrument

    Manipulating an index is not possible because you don't really buy an index, you invest in it.

  • For professionals & Institutional Investors

    Many prominent investors, such as Warren Buffett, have championed the use of index funds for the average investor.

  • Trade with group of leading companies

    Gain benefit from the dynamism of the global world economy because you invest in 30, 50, 100 companies and not one.


Cryptos are based on blockchain technology and lack of central authority, payment processor, or company owner. eases transactions, potential for higher return for traders, with relatively good network security.

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Transactional Freedom

    Because there is no central authority governing & cryptocurrencies, with no restrictions from using them.

  • Always-Open Markets

    Crypto markets, operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without exception.

  • Adaptability

    The ability of cryptos to change things up on a widespread operating level has an advantage over traditional systems.

  • Cross-Border Payments

    Cryptocurrency gets all around the world as users can engage in peer-to-peer transactions from anywhere in the globe.


Stock prices fluctuate continuously in response to a confluence of factors from business deals and macroeconomics, to shifts in technical progress and world events.

Why Trade Shares
  • Ease of Conversion

    This liquidity of a stock market is one of the key benefits for the investors as the process never stops.

  • Ownership stake

    By investing in stocks of a certain company the investor buys an ownership stake in the company.

  • Benefits of Dividend

    Dividend payments arrive at income on top of any profits that come from eventually selling the stock.

  • Versatility of investment

    This flexibility benefits investors to diversify their portfolios, which helps to mitigate the risks associated with stock investing.

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